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The Lawn maintenance guys in pink." Yes we can grow it, and we`ll mow it also."

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About Elites

Mission Statement:

By working in partnership with our customers, we will provide the highest quality lawn maintenance and snow removal services. It is our goal to build long term relationships with our clients, vendors, and fellow industry peers. We will focus on being a leader in the field of lawn maintenance and snow removal. 

We will accomplish this by:

1.Never forgetting our core values and doing everything to the customer in mind.

2.Always providing the best quality and most dependable service.

3.Treating client’s properties as if they are our own.

4.Doing what we say, when we say it.

5.Showing up in our signature pink uniform.

6.Allowing you to tell us your vision of your yard.

7.Listening to the customer, and creating beautiful properties with their vision in mind.

8.Never smoking on your property.

9.We will ALWAYS close the gate behind us.

10.Values Statement - Above all, we hold honesty and integrity to the highest degree. We will always strive to do what is right by our customers.

We recognize that we are privileged to contribute to the earth and to the Green Industry. We will strive to initiate sustainable practices and be more environmentally friendly. We enjoy working side-by-side with our customers, participating in their enthusiasm for their properties and delivering them solid business value. We enjoy working together as a team, helping each other and the company grows. Elites takes an active role in the health and well-being of your property.

Elites lawn services  815-540-4604

Spring Clean-up

Weekly garden maintenance

Bi-weekly garden maintenance

Weekly lawn maintenance

Watering while your out

Fall Clean-up

Bush removal


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Lawn mowing and edging to keep your lawn looking good. You want your lawn to look neatly manicured at all times. Weekly mowing and regular edging combined with lawn fertilizing go a long ways towards achieving your goal.

What is your mowing schedule?

Our primary mowing program looks like this:

•Weekly mowing beginning in mid-March and extending until the end of October.

•Two mowings in November on two week intervals.

This schedule works pretty well most of the time. Some companies do a few more cuts than this but that primarily suits their schedule more than the needs of the lawn.

We do offer an alternate bi-weekly schedule for those who prefer it. However, we don’t promote this schedule due to poor results. The lawn will typically thin out and look sparse. bi-weekly mowing does reduce the cost by perhaps a third overall but is more costly per mow. Please note the grass tends to grow taller between cuttings and so each mowing takes longer than the weekly schedule.

Monthly Lawn Maintenance

Monthly Lawn Maintenance is combined services to excel your lawns beauty and can be added to your weekly mowing schedule.  If you opt for our monthly service contract, here are some of the services that we’ll provide for you:

  • We’ll pull weeds and remove debris from all of your landscape beds
  • We will Edge your lawn 
  • We’ll blow off all of your walkways and paved areas with each visit
  • We’ll clean up fall leaves one to five times a month depending on how often you want us to visit your property. We’ll prune all of your shrubs and small trees 
  • We’ll shear all of your hedges during the winter months
  • We’ll fertilize all of your trees and shrubs in early spring
  • During the summer months, we’ll shear all of your hedges if appropriate (Note: We avoid shearing hedges in the summer unless it is really needed.)
  • And before we leave your property, we’ll blow off all of your sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other hard services. We strive to make your outside areas as clean as possible.

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Additional Services

  • Weed Control
  • Fall leaf clean-up
  • Spring yard Clean-up
  • Watering lawn
  • Seeding of Lawn
  • Arrogation of lawn
  • Bagging of lawn shavings
  • Planting of flowers


At the peak of winter, it often becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and manage snow and ice build-up that occurs around your home. Elites provides the professional snow and ice management services needed to ensure your home stays safe and looks nice all year. Our highly trained specialists use advanced snow blowing, shoveling, and de-icing tools that are proven to keep homes safe and accessible at all times.



Everette is the owner and founding member of Elites Lawn Care and Snow removal.  He always knew he wanted to work outside but wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like, as he has always had a love for nature. One of his favorite things to do is travel and find the lost untouched nature of the world and to marvel the beautiful scenery of the states.  Everette is also a passionate Chef and an amazing Dad.  He exemplifies the heart and soul of this company and continues to exceed all expectations. Those who know Everette, know that he is a hard-working individual. This character trait can be accounted to his dedication to every aspect of his life. Everette is a cut and dry kind of guy who does what he says he will do. This can be attributed to his standard of high integrity. 


Jose is a very dedicated worker and family man, Jose has been a great addition to the Elites staff. With several years in the lawn care industry, it only made sense to put the guy with the most experience in the driver seat as we strive to be the best Lawn Care Company in Rockford. A very detailed individual, Jose is always one step ahead when it comes to adopting new strategies and understanding the latest products in our conquest to create beautiful lawns. He has many great one stories to tell and keeps us all smiling on a daily basis.


The guys did a great job on the lawn, even came out in the rain upon my request!

Jennifer Greene

Living in Seattle and having a trust worthy local company and having them plow and mow my families lawn!!!! Amazing thank you for everything you guys are doing to help me and my family while I’m living in Seattle!!!! These guys I recommend with confidence !!!! Cheers

David Tandara

Elites was very professional and great to work with.  They kept my lawn looking amazing and one of the top looking lawns in my neighborhood

Shonna Meyers


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