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  • Keep Mowing Your Lawn

Do not put away your mower just yet. Grass continues to grow until it frosts over in the winter. Continue cutting your grass and keeping it at an ideal height. Cutting your grass too short can reduce your grass’s root system and prevent your lawn’s ability to endure the winter cold. Elites mows our client's yard through November 15th.

  • Continue Watering Your Lawn

More rain, more dew, and less evaporation in autumn provide natural moisture for the grass. However, this might not be enough to keep the grassroots well hydrated and healthy going into the winter months. Your lawn should receive at least one inch of water per week for optimized growth and health in the fall.

  • Rake Fallen Leaves

Rake leaves as soon as they fall. Leaves on your lawn can block out sunlight and trap moisture, leading to lawn fungi. Raking will also help remove any thatch that may have built up. If you have weekly mowing with Elites we will be bagging throughout or mulching the leaves up to avoid this.

  • Fall Lawn Care Aeration

Over the harsh summer, your lawn has probably suffered from some soil compaction and heat stress. These problems often cause the brown or thinned grass you may have experienced. Aeration removes soil plugs from a yard so that nutrients, water, and oxygen can reach the grassroots. Aerating in the fall can help your lawn be green and healthy for the next year.

  • Fall Lawn Care Overseeding

Fall is the best time to overseed your lawn because the ground is still warm, there is plenty of moisture, nights are cool, and the sun is not as hot during the day. Overseeding fills in thin spots and bare patches and allows you to introduce the latest in resilient, drought-tolerant grasses. Make sure to keep the seedling moist until they germinate and establish roots before the weather becomes too cold.

  • Apply a Fall Lawn Care Fertilizer

Fertilize in the fall for a better looking and healthier lawn. Applying fertilizer in the fall will give your yard the nutrients it needs to get through the winter and grow stronger in spring.

  • Planning Your Fall Lawn Care

Elites Lawn Care can HELP! Your lawn stands a better chance at being healthier and greener when springtime rolls around if you take care of your yard during the early fall. If this seems to overwhelm you or do not have the time to prep your lawn for the winter on your own, do not stress! Our lawn care professionals at ELITES Lawn Care can help your yard remain healthy with our fertilizing plans and our core aeration and overseeding services. Click the Estimate link at the top of the page!